In Shop | Blue Gnome Computers

We diagnose your computer so we can recommend the best fix for your computer problems.

Not Working at all | Blue Gnome Computers

In this case the computer may be so corrupt it needs the windows reinstalled or has had hardware failure. After diagnosing the fault we will make an honest recommendation. Sometimes this is for the machine to be replaced if it is not economical to repair.

Data Letters Photos and E-mails by Blue Gnome Computers

We work to protect customers data but cannot be responsible for it. Data stored on hard drives depends on moving parts. If these fail then data recovery is expensive. Please ensure you BACKUP your data regularly when your machine is running. If you have a new PC we can transfer data and setup e-mails, printers and other services for you.

Collect or Drop off at Blue Gnome Computers

We can arrange to collect your computer for repair in the shop. After repair we will return and setup the PC as required.

Priority Servce by Blue Gnome Computers

An additional fee ensures your repair is started upon receipt and remains a priority until completed.

Call Outs by Blue Gnome Computers

Arrange for a Gnome Engineer to visit your home/office for the quickest solution to computer or network problems (charged by the hour). Some problems can only be addressed on site (e.g. setting up broadband connections).

Free Internet Café during repairs: while your computer is being repaired you have free access to the internet in our suite at the back of the shop.
Urgently need a PC: we stock laptops and towers and can setup a replacement unit for you at short notice.